Set items invisible in export/print

• Dec 29, 2023 - 20:59

I've been using the trick at to add highlights to some parts of my score, mainly as reminders about where certain things are, but when exporting a PDF, I don't want them to be shown. I could go through making them invisible, but I think a setting to only show when editing, not when publishing, would be useful for these.


In case you didn't know: you can right-click any such line used for highlighting and then click Select -> Similar on the menu. This will select all lines and allow you to hide them all at once by unchecking the "Visible" check box in the Properties inspector. You can then Export/Publish and make them visible again. Also look at "Select -> More..." for better control over what to select. I know this is still manual work every time and not a permanent solution to your problem, but could be an acceptable quick workaround. Of course it will only work well if you don't use lines for other purposes because they too will be selected and hidden in the process.

Any thoughts on my opening this is a feature request on GitHub? It would be something like "Visibility option for publication", on by default, but would allow something to be hidden in the Publish tab, and on export, but not while editing. This would allow users to make notes on scores that aren't exported to PDF or printed, and to create highlights and other markings that are only useful in the editing process, to show tasks that need to be completed before publication, for instance.

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