Faulty playback after inputting notes (or using the "R" shortcut)

• Dec 29, 2023 - 17:31

Something is a continuous huge problem ever since MuseScore 4 was released for me has been that it seems about half the time I highlight a group of notes that I want to be copied verbatim immediately afterwards and use the "R" shortcut, the playback cuts out completely once it reaches the new notes... not sure what's going on but it just goes silent and I have to re-open the score in order for those new notes to play! Same thing happens with dynamics. Half the time I put in dynamics and I have to re-open the score for them to apply to the notes during playback. Quite frustrating! Developers please release a bug fix for this! **update. copying and re-pasting the notes in the same spot works as a workaround, but still not sure why it's happening in the first place.***


update... I found out that I can also just copy and re-paste the measures with notes that don't play and then they play during playback again, but still confused as to why they stop sounding during playback in the first place.

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It's every score I do, which, if I post them all, it's probably over a hundred pages since version 4 came out. I am "fixing" it every time with the copy and paste method I mentioned above. It's not just one section. It's with every single score I work on (which is a lot since scoring is part of the business I run)

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If it happens every time for you but not for anyone else, then maybe there is something different about your system or your scores that is causing it. So, please give fuller details of your set up. Which version of Musescore, which version if operating system, which (if any) audio devices. And if it happens with every one of your scores, then please attach just one of them so that someone can see if it there is something special about it that is triggering a bug.

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