Ties between 2 keyboard staffs creates a small unwanted tie elsewhere on the page.

• Dec 28, 2023 - 18:13

I am working on scores for psalmody accompanied by the organ, so there are two staves. It is not uncommon to change the voice with which one plays a note, between the alto and tenor for example, at the mediant of a psalm (the asterisk in the liturgical text). In my case, this tie is at the end of the staff.

Normally, before 4.2, there would be a little tie at the end of the line, and the organist would just have to deal with this note moving to the other voice. Now, if I change the score (as I just did), the tie shoots up or down to the other staff, which indicates more clearly that the note is in a different voice, but then there is a little tiny tie at the bottom of the bass staff, which looks ugly, and I don't want that.

(NB: this is how the original accompaniment which I've adapted handles these things, and it's from the 1930s, so while it might not be ideal or best practice, I'm not going to reinvent the wheel here.)

Screenshot and score attached. The issue (well, the one where I took the screenshot) is on page 4 of the latter.


in a score where I haven't yet added the verses, the tie between the staff points down instead of back up after changing the staff of the tenor to tie the note to the following alto note, then putting the tenor note back to the correct staff. (P. 5)

This is new and unexpected. I've done this dozens of times with no problems, even if, well, as I said, the result isn't quite the most helpful thing, but it was intelligible, neat, and tidy.

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then there may be something wrong with the Mac version. I don't know what to tell you, because this happens every time I change the staff of one note to make the tie and then move on (it could be changing the style of barlines, lyrics… any monkeying leads to this, as far as I can see)

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