Palettes resetting after opening saved score.

• Dec 28, 2023 - 01:26

Not sure if this is a bug, so sticking this in the Gen. Disc. topic. I'll add more of the palettes to a score, but after I save and open it back up later those palettes are back in the "Add palettes" section. Is there a way to keep the palettes in with the other default palettes?


I've found this sometimes doesn't work if I have multiple scores open at the same time. If you save and close, but you have another window open where you're using the same workspace, probably the one that is still open is the one that MuseScore will remember. Also, make sure when you reopen the score, you use the same workspace again. The location of palettes and panels, and which ones are open, doesn't carry over to other workspaces.

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