Musescore 4 Audio export ads click noises

• Dec 24, 2023 - 15:25

I have the following problem. Everything is playing correctly in Musescore. When exporting to wav or mp3, click noises occur. I am attaching a link, one where the problem occurs with an oboe and the other with a choir. In the example with choir, the click noise only occurs on the right channel. I am using MacOS 12.6.2. Unfortunately I could not find a solution on the forums. Somewhere it was said that you should have the mixer open when exporting. That didn't help me.…

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What I hear is what might be a crackle when the oboe goes down to the C#. Same on my system with the scoe file. If that is what you are talking about, I fear that this is just one of the many little glitches in Muse sounds. Other notes don't have the same effect. You might be able to filter out the effect with EQ.

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Now I understand. So the problem is the transition between two notes. In the oboe example, an error occurs when exporting audio from g to c# and e to c#. In the choir example, soprano c to d and e to d is the problem, a to d works. If the tenor sings c to d there is no problem, but f to g produces a crackling sound. In Musescore itself everything is correct, only the export causes the problems. The solution is probably to record the sound internally using a different program. It would be nice if this bug was fixed.

I gave both the .mscz files and the audio files a listen. Both do not peak the master meter, but see if lowering the master volume by at least 0.5 units (or more) resolves the clipping in the export. Hope this helps.

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