Time signature mispositioned after instrument addition

• Oct 7, 2014 - 23:59
S4 - Minor

1. Create piano score.
2. 'Instruments…'.
3. Add 'Classical Guitar [Tablature]'.
4. Change Staff type to 'Tab. 6-str full'.
5. 'OK'.

Result: The time signature is vertically mispositioned.

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build 3855d63 - Mac 10.7.5.


Please note the time sig is properly laid out for each of the following step sequences:

A) All at once
1) Create a new score with piano and guitar/Tab/full in the Wizard

B) Piano & guitar + change staff type
1) Create a new score with piano and guitar (standard or TAB)
2) Select the staff and change the guitar staff adv. props. to "6-str Full"

C) Piano + add guitar + change staff type
1) Create a piano only score
2) Add a guitar (standard or TAB)
3) Select the staff and change the guitar staff adv. props. to "6-str Full"

Only the specific sequence (piano score + add guitar selecting "&-str full" in the Wizard) exhibits the issue.

Also note that the time sig layout is correct after score saving and re-loading.

Definitely to be fixed, but somewhat minor to me...



Same thing happens in a much more common case:

1) new score for any instrumenbts, complete the wizard to get the score
2) "I", add "snare drum" (or any one-line percussion staff)

Thanks to Sherlock Cadiz1 Holmes, who again found the culprit! I completely forgot I reserved this bug...

I'll have a look at the changes introduced in the mentioned commit.


Miwarre, are you working on this? At the risk of once again getting in your way, I may took a look at this while I am awak and you presumably are not...

Not fixed yet? I downloaded the latest version fom Git, compiled, and tried.

My first very basic attempts all give me a vertically misplaced time-signature.
I didn't try anything special yet. Even if I don't create any score the first thing I see when starting musescore is an empty score with a vertically misplaced (one staffline too high) 4/4 time signature.

If I create a new score from scratch, from a template, or from a finished mscz score - ALWAYS the same error. For me it's not difficult to reproduce the error: it's impossible not to reproduce.

Pre Release 2.0.0 rev. 4adbbfbb
compiled on Linux Fedora 21 (if that matters)

Status (old) fixed active

Soudns like you might be descirbing some different problem. The one in this issue *only* affects staves of other than 5 lines, and *only* when added to an existing score. You might be experiencing a problem with an older incompatible version of a font installed. Make sure you don't have any version of MScore, MScore1, or Bravura installed on your system.

If that doesn't solve it, please post a picture of what you are seeing and precise step by step instructions to reproduce.

I see, thanks for the suggestions.
I thought I had already removed the mscore-1.3 package from my Fedora system. But Fedora has a separate mscore-fonts package, that I had forgotten to remove with my package manager.

That fixed my problem

Great! FYI, 1.3 was not *supposed* to install any fonts; it was supposed to use compiled-in fonts instead, just as 2.0 is. But some of the Linux packages for 1.3 didn't know that, I guess. With a better package, 1.3 and 2.0 can co-exist with no conflicts - each will use its own compiled-in font.