What is the default tuning of microtonal accidentals?

• Dec 22, 2023 - 02:40

It's great that MU now recognizes and plays microtonal accidentals by default. However there's only an issue. There's not a universal standard for the exact tuning of microtonal accidentals and microtonal music in general.
When a microtonal accidental is added to a note I can hear the difference but neither in the note properties nor in the accidental properties there's anything telling how many cents it's above or below equal temperament.
What is the default tuning of microtonal accidentals? Can we find a list anywhere? Can anyone provide us with a list? Can we change those defaults somehow?


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Thank you. This is great! I wouldn't be able to find it myself because the code is very huge but I can understand the link you sent me.
Do you have another link in the code where I can compare the names of accidentals with their image to know who is who?
If I would like to change those tuning values would I have to re-compile MU4 or is there another way? (For example, if I extract the content of appimage into a directory would I be able to edit that tuning file and have it working or is it compiled?)

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