What makes MU4 use more vertical layout-space than MU3?

• Dec 21, 2023 - 15:16

I'm currently testing MU4.2 by loading scores, I created with MU3.
In MU4 less systems fit onto 1 page than in MU3.
Is there a specific layout setting I can change to get the same spacing like in MU3?


MS4 has a better anti-collision algorithm than MS3 - and MS3 introduced anti-collision whereas MS2 had almost none. So inevitably this consumes a bit more vertical space.

To get round this you can reduce the Scaling slightly:
Format > Page Settings... > Scaling > Staff space (reduce)

In general, it doesn't. But it certainly could be that some specific aspect of some specific score might require more space - better collision detection, for example, as noted. If you attach a score where you are seeing a difference, we can understand and advise better.

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