Muse Hub doesn't show up properly or resize in MacOS Ventura

• Dec 20, 2023 - 08:43

I revisited Muse Hub today to try to install MU 4.2 and also the Guitar patches.

The install seemed to go OK and with a very quick test of one piece appears to have worked.

One issue emerged during the install. There seemed to be more options in the displayed panel for Muse Hub than I could see. The panel did not appear to be resizeable, and some of the items in the panel were only shown partially. There may have been other items which were not visible at all.

Unfortunately at this stage I can't supply a screen shot showing the limitations, as I can't currently force Muse Hub to load again - presumably as it has already done the updates for today.

If there are more updates requiring Muse Hub in the future and if I remember I will take a screen shot showing the issues.

This problem happens in MacOS Ventura. I haven't yet updated MacOS to Sonoma.

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