Awful formatting of certain measures in 4.2

• Dec 19, 2023 - 20:22

I downloaded the latest stable 4.2 and opened a score created mostly in 4.1.1

While the score looks OK in page view mode, in Continuous (Horizontal) View mode, its an absolute mess of a practically unreadable score with insanely wide measures in many places the string staffs spaced ridiculously far apart and from Measure 389 onwards large portions of the string staffs blacked out. I've tried removing system breaks and adjusting layout stretch, all to no avail.

I do need the continuous horizontal view mode to be able to conveniently edit the multi-part orchestral score

Could someone tell me what I'm doing incorrectly?

Also, on a related note, my previous stable 4.1.1 version appears to have disappeared. Is there any way that I could reinstall that version? Under the older downloadable versions page, the latest older version is 3.6.2


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Thanks. I've reverted to MS 4.1.1 for now (courtesy of your reply in another thread), but is this an issue that is likely to be resolved in 4.2.0 soon?

I get the distinct impression that the issue appears to be related to hairpin crescendi. Is there a certain measure number limit beyond which it is recommended to use an explicit cresc .... instead of hairpins?

This time I was very careful to create a backup and in addition, didnt save anything in 4.2.0


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