Moving multiple notes

• Dec 19, 2023 - 19:14

Before I updated to version 4.2, I could select multiple notes then drag all of them up or down, now it just deselects all the notes except the one I'm holding.
Using the up and down arrow keys doesn't do the same thing as clicking and dragging did.
As far as I can tell this has only been happening after updating to version 4.2 but I don't know if I have accidentally changed a setting or something. I have tried resetting my settings using the Help>Revert to factory settings option.

I am very new to Musescore (and music writing in general) so I don't find using the arrow keys to shift notes up and down very intuitive.
So in short I guess, is this a bug? how can i fix it? should i suck it up and use the arrow keys instead?


I have found a solution it seems.

When clicking multiple notes to move them, to drag it down

you have to click on/from the last note selected, while still holding the shift button and drag it down that way.

I'd been having the same issue, doesn't seem to work otherwise!

same, seems to be a general issue of MS4 constantly losing focus/selection. Right clicking on one element within selection will occasionally behave like a left click and lose the selection instead of bringing up the drop menu; changing the duration of a chord will deselect it; adding an articulation to a whole selection will deselect; and now, I'm getting a bug where clicking on a symbol makes it selected for a quarter of a second, then it loses selection and becomes unclickable....

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