MuseScore 4.2 breath/pause not working correctly?

• Dec 19, 2023 - 05:23

In 4.1, the breath/pause works correctly, inserting about 2s pause by default. In 4.2, the breath/pause mark seems to be ignored.

The old "recording" was posted in at URL below, please refer to bar2.

I didnt publish the newer 4.2 version into, but the same score is attached below. Notice that pause is not honored at the same bar2 in 4.2 during playback.

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It's not being completely ignored for me; it's still adding the correct amount of time, but the notes that are sounding when it reaches the pause don't stop, and are instead extended by the length of the pause.

It's definitely not working correctly, but it is adding a 2s pause, just not a 2s silence.

Breaths aren't supposed to add silence by default - but you can add a pause in the Properties panel. Caesuras do pause by default, but there is a bug (also in 4.1, but recently fixed for a coming update) where the caesura pause doesn't take effect until the next edit, or save/reload.

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My understanding is that that's why choral music has moved towards the tick-style breath marks, and wind instruments continue to use the comma-style — because the way they use them is consistent with what the symbols actually mean.
Definitely agree that both should be supported, maybe with some sort of "cut off previous note" property in addition to the existing "pause" property.
Still waiting for a bracketed breath mark too, by the way.

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