Really complicated repeat playback

• Dec 18, 2023 - 20:42

I'm engraving an arrangement of The Twelve Days Of Christmas, and thought it would be daft to write it all out, so I've used D.S. markings and repeat barlines to set up the score. Then I turned my attention to playback... Each repeat line needs to happen a variable number of times (for instance, in verse two, the "repeated" bar should be played just once, while in verse four it should be played three times). Is there any way in MuseScore to get this to play back correctly? In Sibelius, I'd have reached for the custom list of bars to play and manually worked out which bars needed to play when, but I'm not sure if there's anything equivalent in MS.


I feel that a complicated repeat structure might be hard for humans to follow. Sure, we all know how the song goes. Though maybe not. I just spent some time on the .com site looking at the many, many versions of this. They all wrote it out. Easy to follow.

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