Ties are placed weird and far to thick

• Dec 18, 2023 - 17:58

Musescore 4.2, udated score from 4.1.

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I can confirm a bug toward the very end of the piece, in continuous view only. All other ties are normal, but the ones in measures are drawn incorrectly - they are also backwards. Does this match what you see?

It looks like there was a fix for some other similar bugs made in the last couple of days before release, not sure if that caused this or if this is a case that was missed. I'm following up with this on GitHub.

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I'm having exactly the same problem in a score I was working on in 4.1.1.

I opened another score I completed a few months ago and it's the same. In both cases only towards the end of the piece, and only in continuous horizontal view.

The current piece is a bit longer (770 bars vs 452), and even though the affected ties are almost all in the last 20 bars (except one in bar 454) they visually extend from about bar 304 to bar 660), whereas in the shorter piece, they're all in about the last 6 bars, and they all line up at bar 350.

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No, you need to download the artifacts directly from that PR, since it hasn't been merged yet. Click the check mark icon next to to the last commit message. Or just wait until it is merged and nightly build becomes available, or until 4.2.1 release. Meanwhile, you can use page view, or reduce page size and zoom in to use continuous view.

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