Recording parts from midi keyboard in real time without a DAW

• Dec 18, 2023 - 17:10


Firstly a huge thankyou for all the sheer hard work and dedication for making MuseScore what it is today! It is quite amazing to have something of the quality for free!
However, there is one feature missing from MuseScore that stops me from being able to use it regularly. There is no way to record parts into MuseScore in realtime with a click. Virtually every score program has this however, they are all pretty much pad products. The only workaround at the moment is to use a DAW and import the midi.

Please could this feature be added for people who don’t own a DAW?


Thanks guys. Unfortunately this isn't what I mean. I would like to be able to start the metronome and play along to it from my midi keyboard like recording in a DAW.

I'm perplexed that this concept is hard for people to understand unless they've never witnessed encountered genuine real-time note input via a MIDI keyboard.

There is real-time note transcription in Dorico, Sibelius, Overture, Encore, Finale/Hyperscribe and elsewhere, even in DAWs that provide a limited notational view, like Apple Logic. Unfortunately MuseScore's so called real time note entry is not the same.

Other discussion here.

I've been wanting REAL real-time note input since I started using MuseScore almost four years ago.


Yes, this is the only reason why I haven’t switched from Presonus Notion 6.
Have a “true” real time record option in Musescore would speed creating a score quite considerably for me and as it is at the moment, I sadly don’t use Musescore.

I agree. I want to migrate over from Finale to Muse Score. But many of my scores are currently being generated in Finale using a utility called "Hyper Scribe." In Hyper Scribe, you set a tempo for the metronome as well as other perimeters, such as time signature, smallest note value to quantize, whether to tie notes to next measure, etc. You then start the metronome and play your melody. Both the pitch AND the rhythmic value can be varied (within the chosen quantize value). Is there some fundamental architectural design reason why Muse Score cannot do this, or is it simply that this is a feature which has yet to be added?

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