Transfer Musescore 4 To New Computer

• Dec 12, 2023 - 21:36

I purchased a new computer. Can I have Musescore 4 on both computers? If not, how do I transfer the program to the new computer. I can't seem to download 4 from the Apple App Store. I pay for the annual subscription for Musescore 4.


  1. You can have Musescore on as many computers as you like.
  2. There is no need to transfer the program. Just download it and install it on your new PC. You should, of course transfer any scores (,mscz files) that you want to access on your new PC, just as you would transfer other documents.
  3. Don't download it from anywhere other than from - here
  4. The annual subscription has nothing to do with the program. No subscription is need to use it and none is available. You probably have a subscription to the score-sharing website which allows you to download non-pd scores - see

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When I downloaded Musescore onto my new Mac Studio Computer, it acts like I'm downloaded it for the first time. It recognized my username, but I don't seem to be able to upgrade to Musescore 4. I pay for the Pro Version. It's asking me to pay again. My annual subscription for the Pro Version is going to renew this month and it's all set up to go.

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You might have a misunderstanding. You're talking about, the music sharing platform/website. This forum is about the MuseScore application itself - to write and listen to sheet music, completely for free. If you want to write/edit music using MuseScore, then you need the application not the website. The website allows you to share and download sheet music online. Only the website has a pro subscription, the program itself for writing music is completely free.

I don't know why Muse group decided to give both projects the same name, it causes a lot of confusion.

For help with the MuseScore sharing platform/web store app ( you would ask their support group which should be somewhere on (not, where you're at now).

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