Help restoring score saved in Nightly 4.2.0 back to Stable 4.1.1

• Dec 12, 2023 - 19:34

While toying around with the new 4.2.0 nightly build to see if anything significantly new had been implemented, I inadvertently did a save/overwrite of my score and now cannot open it in 4.1.1

Is there a workaround to restore it to a version compatible with the latest stable 4.1.1

I tried exporting the score from 4.2.0 as a .mxl file, but it crashed upon trying to open it in 4.1.1

A Midi export works, but the score is so horribly altered that let's not even go there.

Any help would be deeply appreciated.


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BTW: It is mentioned there
Musescore 3.7.0 can be run alongside MS3.6.2 and MS4 without any problems. They do not interfere with one another.
That is not totally true. I found that settings of 3.6.2 are common on 3.7 and 3.6.2. To be able to distinguish better whether I have started 3.6.2 or 3.7, I wanted to change the background color only in 3.7. This does not work, it is then also changed in 3.6.2.

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Alright I'll put some feedback here: I like how the program can open MuseScore (MS) 4.x files so it is definitely useful for that.

However, I don't know if you can fix an issue on MS 3.6 where if MS opens on a second monitor it never finishes startup. It just gets stuck. So the steps are:

  1. open MS
  2. move it to a 2nd monitor
  3. close it
  4. start MS again
  5. the window opens in another monitor but it never finishes loading

also if you use MS on a 2nd monitor and then minimize it but then open it again, it becomes unresponsive and you have to force close it.

Again, this isn't just a problem on 3.7 but 3.6.2 too. I use windows 10. Similar to

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A bit of investigation led to me to see that the palettes are the culprit. Something about fetching their thumbnails I think is the problem. Additionally, two things might help be relevant to the issue:

  1. I use a laptop with both integrated and discrete GPUs. The primary display is connected to integrated but the second one to the discrete GPU.
  2. I have custom palettes, but even with the basic ones the program still crashes when palettes are opened/loaded in the other window.

My workaround at the moment is to make the palettes a separate window and keep it in the primary display.

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Just a quick update - it seems to be a problem with the plugin/docking language (qt) because running the demo plugin "panel.qml" on the second monitor causes the application to freeze likewise

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Ok so I tried running MS on the discrete GPU only, that didn't work
I updated intel graphics drivers, that didn't work
I ran MS as an administrator, the problem is gone! It no longer freezes on the second display

So it would seem qt has some read/write privileges problems? How can I solve this without needing to run MS as administrator all the time?

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Hi Jojo, do you still have a suggestion how I could fix the administrator privileges issue that's causing the program to freeze? I cannot run MuseScore as administrator without having to always open it from the program file and run as admin - I'm hoping there's a more convenient fix.

The best course of action would be to attach the MusicXML file, then someone can see why it's crashing, and possibly fix it.

But also, why not just continue using the 4.2 beta for this score? Are you running into problems with it? If so, have you reported them on GitHub?

Finally, if you're on Windows and didn't go out of your way to disable OneDrive, you should be able to retrieve an older version of the file from that. Similar using Time Machine on macOS.

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