My sheet music sounds an octave higher

• Dec 11, 2023 - 17:31

Hello, I'm having problems playing my sheet music. When I write for any instrument in its range, you hear it an octave higher.

Could someone help me with that? Thank you!


Several possibilities:
1. You're writing for a transposing instrument, but don't have the transposition set up properly. Normally this happens by default when selecting the instrument, but if you've fiddled with settings, it could be off.
2. The staff is using an octave clef which make everything higher than it appears.
3. You are using a soundfont that maps the pitches differently than the default.
4. Your audio device sample rate is not being communicated correctly (normally, though, this will cause speed to be affected as well).

As mentioned, attaching a score should help narrow it down.

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