music appearing in treble and bass clefs simultaneously

• Dec 11, 2023 - 12:42

Utilizing a Casio keyboard, I am attempting to play right and left together and and have the music appear
in the treble and bass clefs of the grandstaff simultaneously. However, seem to only be able to have
it appear in one or the other. Wondered if there was a programing solution-for example so that every
note played above middle C would appear in the treble cleft and all remaining notes in the bass clef?


I can't test this (no MIDI device), so my idea is the following:

  • Use only a treble clef and play in your notes.
  • When everything is entered, right-click on a measure and select "Divide staff...". The default split point is c4.
    A bass clef is automatically created and all notes below the split point are moved to the bass clef staff.

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I removed Musescore 4 and installed Musescore 3 and yes, I see the option to split staff in Musescore 3
but oddly it does not come up as an option in the same way with Musescore 4. I will need to investigate further
since this option would at least partially address my issue. Thanks Hilde!

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