Trumpet Part Long first system

• Dec 10, 2023 - 06:52

I created parts and everything looks good except the trumpet which has 18 measures in a single line.

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Thanks for the reply but unfortunately it didn't help. What did affect the crazy part is changing the multi-measure rests to single measures. The part snapped back onto the page. The problem is solely with the Trumpet part. All the other parts will change correctly from multi to single bar rests and back.
After the reset didn't work, I added a trumpet and copied my work into the new trumpet part but the defect copied in as well.

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I can't use MuS4, so I just deleted the "Exerpts" folder in your file. All generated parts should then be gone and you need to recreate them. See attachment. May help, I am not sure.

By the way: the 'Play four times' in 111 can also be achieved during playback by setting the value for 'Play count' to 4 in the properties of measure 112.

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