Can I change shortcuts to be the same as MS3 in MS4?

• Dec 9, 2023 - 06:02

This might not make much sense but I'll do my best to explain. I switched to MS4 not too long ago to try it out, but since I had built up muscle memory for MS2 and MS3, many of the shortcuts and optimisations I used then don't work on MS4. Some of them aren't too bad to change, like how I can change the button for tying notes in MS4 from T back to + like in MS3, but one thing I used all the time was starting the playback for just a second and then disabling it to get out of note input mode.
This last thing is my main issue with MS4. Essentially, I'd be writing something (I use a standard keyboard) before deciding that a note I'd already written needed something like an articulation or a dynamic. When that happened, I'd start the playback and then stop it immediately, which pulls me out of note input mode and lets me click on the note in question to add whatever it is I need to add, then I can just click back where I was and continue writing. In MS4, this seems to have been removed. It still thinks I want to write notes, so clicking on a previous note just overwrites it with what I currently have in terms of duration and deletes everything like slurs, dynamics, articulations, etc. I need to scroll up to the note input button and turn it off to achieve this, which is very time consuming and feels slow compared to tapping the spacebar twice. I've actually ended up going back to MS3 simply because it's much faster for me to write in it compared to MS4, and then export it once I'm done to get the MS4 soundfonts.
Is there a way to re-enable this functionality on MS4? Doing it with clicking the button kind of breaks my flow when writing and it's quite tedious to need to do constantly.


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