No sound playback

• Dec 9, 2023 - 04:41

My Musescore4 is not playing sounds. I have checked the computer operation and configured the sound settings to be the same as the preferences in Musescore. I have reset the preferences in the edit section. I have reverted to factory settings. I have uninstalled both MuseHub and Musescore. I have re-installed Musescore and MuseHub. I still cannot get sound from the Musehub to my speakers. What I do get however is: that after playing a few notes, or attempting to play a score, there is a long pause of probably 30-40 seconds and then the speaker makes a rapidly repeating note that sounds like a note that is stuttering. It will do this regardless of whether it is a new score, old score, single note input, or whatever. In addition to no sound, when I try to play a score, the system freezes immediately at the beginning of the score, although not in the rest of the program e.g., I can close the file, select another score, etc. but play nothing. As well the piano keyboard although it will input notes to the ledger line, there is no sound output other than a rapidly repeating note, kinda like a 1/32 note. What is a guy to do?


Does your computer meet the specs needed for MU4? In Preferences>I/O Have you chosen your audio device (not Default, if you have a choice) and reset the Buffer to 4096. Do you use an external audio device. And turn off exclusive mode in advanced audio settings.

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