Massive memory leak in Format -> Style... -> Page

• Dec 8, 2023 - 07:39

On the Format -> Style... -> Page settings, I can alter the various distances for the staves, and the application does live previews of how it affects layout, which is very useful, but your live preview has a massive memory leak.

By massive, I can quickly and easily go from a few hundred MB of memory consumed to 20+ GB causing my system to grind to a halt just trying to exit the application.


I do see an increase im RAM usage, but by no means a massive one, fractions of a MB per change
MuseScore 4.1.1 on Windows 11

Edit: hold on, I was checking Format > Page settings, not Format > Style > Page
But there its the same thing, only very small increments in RAM usage, even less than in Format > Page settings,

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Not sure. Just tried to duplicate it with an empty score and it seemed fine.
Been doing single or 2 page hymns. Mostly seems to happen when I'm tweaking the spacing settings trying to get the hymn down to either 1 or 2 page hymns.

We're retiring a really old hymnal at my church and have replaced it with a new one. I'm working on a project to make a little booklet with a select few public domain hymns that exist in the old but not the new.

In the old hymnal, the hymn clearly fits on a single or 2 pages, but often the auto-sizing of MuseScore causes it to spill over to 2 or 3 pages. So then I tweak it back down to 1 or 2 pages. So maybe it's leaking when it fluctuates between the number of pages?

Let me see if can get a video of one of the existing completed hymns and the memory spiking in task manager.

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Ugh. Now I can't seem to get it go on an existing one.
It's generally the last step I do when finishing a hymn is to get the spacing looking the way I want. So not sure if that matters as to when it's happening.

I keep Task Manager open on my 2nd monitor the whole time I am working on hymns to keep an eye on the memory consumption cause when it starts spiking into the GB, I save and reopen so I don't crash and lose any work.

I started noticing it spike on the memory usage into 10 to 20 GB when I was doing the sizing step at the end.

Another thing I've noticed of when it's likely to occur during the sizing step is how long it takes to just open the Format -> Style... dialog window. I haven't timed it, but on a new score I just started (in a new session of MuseScore), it took 5 seconds (using the one one thousand two two thousand...) counting method (so not precise). Seems like near the end when I am doing the sizing, opening that dialog will take 10 to 15 seconds to open.

I'll keep trying to get a video created of it happening.

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I think I originally used that, but I think that just shrinks everything down doesn't it?
The memory leak isn't preventing me from doing what I need to do, I just have to keep an eye on it in task manager and just restart the app as needed. I also have gotten into the habit of always closing when done with one hymn and moving on to the next.

Sorry I don't have better directions on how to duplicate it. I've seen it happen several times. I just know there is a leak of some sort, and it does seem like a large one cause once it starts spiraling it goes quick.

I'll let you know if I find a better / more consistent way of duplicating it. Just wanted y'all to be aware that it's there - somewhere.

Lately I've been noticing something similar myself and was going to report it. I've been going through some old scores and making them use the same styles. So I usually have one score open and reopen one or two more when I have a new idea and want to update all. Then I close all but the current one I am actively working on. So one instance remains. I've noticed a few times that this sole instance was taking 900-1300 MB of memory instead of the usual ~350MB when the score was initially opened. This has made me believe there is a memory leak in MS. 900+ MB for one simple score of 2 pages is a bit too much. This is way below the 10-20 GB of nonyanikkibizness but still I believe there is probably an issue. Unfortunately I have not discovered yet how this issue happens on my end but I can assure you all I do is simple edits here and there, edit one frame with text and open and edit styles (Format -> Style). I'll continue monitoring and provide an update as soon as I have one.

I finally got it to happen again as I was just finishing a new score. I still don't know what triggers the problem, but this time I noticed that I had already used 1.5gb and I was watching as I started altering the page settings that it started consuming large chunks of memory - so I grabbed my screen recorder app and started recording. Please see attached.

Ugh... hang on just noticed there was personal info in the task manager. Let me see if I can blot it out.

Edit: blacked out all the apps but MuseScore4.exe

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