Whenever I press "B", the score adds voice 2?

• Dec 8, 2023 - 06:24

So you know how pressing the "A" key on your keyboard will make the score input the note A?

Well, when I press "B". and specifically only "B" for some reason, this causes a bug: the note B gets inputted, but on voice 2. I do not want voice 2. I have no need for voice 2. Why is this happening?

I went to edit -> preferences -> shortcuts to change my settings. I looked through everything there very carefully, and I can confirm that this should not be happening.


Do you enter drum notes?
With 'A' you enter a snare note in voice 1 and with 'B' a base drum note in voice 2. This is intended.

If this is not the case and resetting the shortcuts does not help, please specify your MuS version and operating system and add a sample score.

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