difficulty accessing save file dialog ("recent files" list obscures "save" button)

• Dec 7, 2023 - 16:41

Does anyone else have problems accessing the "save" dialog under the file drop down?

When I click on "file" and start to move cursor down to "save" I go past "recent files" which opens all my recent files, which subsequently obscures my ability to get to the save button (unless I continue moving cursor below the recent file list and then move back up to save). I will try to embed a screen recording, but not sure it will work.

Of course I can just use CTRL+S, but sometimes I just default to the old way of using the file menu.

OK, screen recording can't be added to forum topic, so I uploaded it to youtube:


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I was thinking of another problem. When you scroll over recent scores, the list is supposed to show to the right. Over the score. What happens when you click on the arrow to the right of the recent score heading?
You can also try a reset of MU4. From the help tab. Reinstall won't help. But a repair from control panel might.

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So I can't actually click on the arrow to the right of recent score .
as soon as my mouse pointer touches anywhere on that recent score line it pops open that list of recent scores covering all the other menu items (as in the video posted). The arrow itself I can access, but it isn't clickable (as it seems to be activated as soon as mouse touches that line ... would seem appropriate if it worked that way.

Come to think about it as I just checked, if I got to any other drop down menu in musescore that has items with an arrow it works like it should. Same with a program like Adobe acrobat - all the secondary menu items open to the right of the main menu panel (see attached screenshot of musescore).

I also just tried a program that has a "recent files" submenu in a different program (Transcribe!) and the recent files open as they should to the right of the main file drop down. So this only seems to be happening in musescore.

I tried to reset the program from control panel but got some unusual message. I am not sure where the .msi file the repair process is looking for would be.

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Hmmm. There's supposed to be a "Clear recent files" command. But I don't see it.
On my system when I scroll over the recent file heading. of course the window opens. When I click on the heading the files window closes.
I'm working on this. Do other things with an arrow work properly? Like, View>Toolbars?

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Yes, as shown in the second image above, all the other "arrow" menu items work as they are supposed to in musescore and in other programs (and "recent files" works like it should in other programs).

The only problem seems to be musescore and the "recent files" menu not pushing over to the right.

I just now "cleared recent files" to see if that would help. It did clear the recent files list, but as I opened a bunch of files the recent files list grew again and still is justifying left, so covering other commands.

I can make recent files list go away by scrolling beneath it and then back up to it, but obviously a goofy workaround (or using CTRL-S).

Hmmmm :-)

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