Some MuseSound instruments are played early

• Dec 7, 2023 - 06:07

[19 Dec Update]: FIXED; musescore 4.2.0

The rhythms of certain instruments are played wrong, and usually a bit early. Between single notes in string sections, it doesn't transition like before.

I found this problem in all strings instruments (musesounds), trumpet (musesounds) and perhaps more, but it only persists when the tempo is decently fast.

My musesounds, musehub and musescore are all updated to the newest possible version and the preferences are set to default.

In the mscz attached, I put glitched parts I got from my other scores.
For reference I put an audio file in case your musescore is not glitched like mine. That is what I am hearing in my musescore.

Attachment Size
msglitchdemo1.mscz 33.91 KB
msglitchdemo1.ogg 408 KB


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