Note selection bug?

• Dec 7, 2023 - 02:04

I am working in adding fingering to notes in a piano score.
Quite frequently I am running into a note selection issue.
When I try to select a single note, MuseScore goes into a mode
where instead of selecting a single note, the entire measure is selected.
The only way I have found to work around this is to quite the
application and start up again. Aside from a major irritant, this is
beginning to cut into my development time.


You need the cursor directly ON the note head. and just click. Don't try to click and drag. If you accidentally get the measure selected, just click something else, then go back and click the note. I have never needed to shutdown and start the program again after selecting a measure.

Thanks for the comments. I am using a Surface Pro 7+. This is an intermttent problem. I cant reproduce it today. But i am sure it wilk be back. It happens several times a session. Each time i have to restart Musescore. I will post the score and a video showing the problem when it comes up again.

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So you're saying that at some point you click on a note and the whole measure is selected. And you have to restart the program.

So the program is locked and you can't un-select the measure by clicking somewhere else. Or with Undo (CTRL+Z)?

How are you selecting notes. Mouse, touch pad, pen on the screen, finger on the screen?

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I am not familiar with Surface Pro machines, but I would make sure all input methods (mouse, touchpad, etc) have updated drivers. Years ago (maybe Windows 95 era) I had an issue where if I clicked a blue hyperlink in Internet Explorer before the rest of the page had fully loaded, the entire computer would lock up and only by holding the power button could I shut it down and then restart. Updated the mouse driver and the symptom was cured. Computers can have all kinds of weird interactions and the program you THINK is the cause may not actually be the culprit.

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