Six notes evenly spaced occupying the entire measure

• Dec 7, 2023 - 01:38

How can I write a 4/4 measure with six evenly spaced notes, occupying the entire measure? It would be something like the example below. I played the part exactly as it is in a DAW, and it transcribed to me like this. I believe that this value is called a 'dotted eighth note triplet' right?

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You wrote:
Six notes evenly spaced occupying the entire measure

Do this:
1. Click on a measure rest (duration of 4 beats).
2. Type Ctrl + 6 to get 6 notes - a sextuplet - over the 4 beats (entire measure).
3. Enter notes
6 over 4.png

Your screenshot, however, shows 2 quarter note triplets, each triplet taking 2 beats.

Do this:
1. Select both half note rests.
2. Type Ctrl + 3 to get 2 quarter note triplets.
3. Enter notes
2 triplets.png
Look at the triplets here:

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