A-key not working in Musescore 4

• Dec 6, 2023 - 18:52

I always use my computer keyboard when writing music in Musescore; numbers for note values, and letters for pitch. In Musescore 3 this has been working completely fine, but after updating to Musescore 4 earlier this year, the shortcut A for writing the A pitch, isn't working as it should. When pressing A, the first note in the bar gets marked - and no note is written. I need to press SHIFT+A to get the A note, in the same way I do to add A to an already existing note to make a chord. Therefore I always need to use my arrow-keys to get to the next break/bar, get out of writing mode, select note value, and press SHIFT+A to get the A note I need. I was hoping this would be fixed in an update during the fall/winter, but nothing has happened. I have tried to un-install Musescore, and re-install it, but the bug is still there. I have also gone through the shortcut settings, and I see no reason the A button behaves as it does.

Is this bug known to anyone else, and what could be done to solve it?

My computer is a Mac from 2020.



The issue can be solved by defining a custom shortcut to "go to top staff", this way:
Edit -> Preferences -> Shortcuts

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