How to adjust measure size

• Dec 6, 2023 - 03:35

I selected a measure and hit command enter by mistake and it made my measure bigger. I cannot use command Z to undo. How can I make the measure smaller again?

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Thank you. I am still struggling with this. I'm sorry I am new to Musecore and probably not explaining myself that well. In my score I now have two measures that are giant sized (they take up a whole line) and the rest of my score has normal sized measures. I didn't know how to correct this as soon as it happened and now I can't undo. Do you know how I can get these two measures back to normal size? Thank you very much.

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Remove all the breaks, both system breaks and page breaks.

Then read this bit of the handbook
and in particular

Then if necessary add system and page breaks to tweak the layout to your liking. If you still have problems, come back and attach the score itself (the .mscz file) rather than a picture of it so that someone can see what settings are in use.

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