Changing chord symbols for a transposed tenor sax part changes the chord symbols for the piece - cannot separate them

• Dec 6, 2023 - 01:06

I changed the chord symbols for a transposed tenor sax part, When I did that, the chord symbols for the piece also changed. I cannot find a way to separate them. In other words, have the tenor sax written in B but leave the rest of the piece in concert A. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Your "Chords" instrument has the properties of a concert-pitch instrument in C but you have given it a different key signature to the others. It doesn't know that is meant to be a Bb sax.

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The part does not show up under the instruments panel.It seems to be tied in some way to the chords part. I have closed and re-opened the parts windows a number of times and the tenor sax chord part comes up but it is not available as a separate instrument. Anyway to force it to become a separate instrument? Thanks.

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Here is a start on how to fix this. Good luck.
I fixed the notes and key changes in the score. It is a two step process. First transpose the chords part down a major 2nd. Then change the key signature. After the key change later, the parts need to be fixed for all the enharmonic spellings. I did the first measure. Select the part from the key change to the end. Press the up arrow, then the down arrow. There's a couple wrong notes in the chords part. Though the chords seem to be correct. I attach two files. One is the mostly corrected score. You'll notice no sax part in the parts window. The second is the sax part. Add a sax part to the score and C+P it into the score. I have no idea what will happen to the score when you do this. All part of the fun.

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