MS4 - First couple of notes played but not visible at every screen change during playback in Continuous mode (horizontal)

• Dec 5, 2023 - 23:23

I've just started using MuseScore4 (minor version number : 4.1.1) on Ubuntu 22.04.3. The bug happens with the latest version of MS4. I have verified the checksum and restored the factory settings with Help > Revert to factory settings.

My problem is the following : when I play songs in Continuous view (horizontal), each time the parts scrolls right, I can't see the first few notes. They are played, the vertical blue cursor seems to move through them, but they never appear on the screen (I didn't see them before it scrolled). They just seem to be hidden behind the column displaying the instruments, their name, the time signature and the alterations. When the score has finished playing and I click the Rewind button and then play again, the very first notes follow the same pattern (meaning I never see them during the playback).
It does not happen in Continuous view (vertical) nor in Page view. But these modes are less convenient to play your instrument at the same time as MuseScore is playing the song.
It used to work perfectly on MS3 (in the so-called Continuous view), and still does, on the same computer and OS (MS version : 3.2.3). I had got used to its way of scrolling, which allowed you to see (almost) always the notes just before playing them and enabled you to play with it.

I'm used to using this mode to rehearse my songs in my band ; as you can see on the picture there are 7 different instruments so this feature is very useful to me. It enables to rehearse before the real-life rehearsals, any number of times, at any speed, repeating any subpart as many times as I want. I also used it before knowing how to read music, through hearing and trying to play the same note. Alternatively, I enjoy playing sheets I downloaded from the website or which I got from friends. It's one of the best and most powerful of MuseScore to me, along with the simplicity of inputting notes. This is why I'm so sad it doesn't work (yet) in this new major version. Can somebody please help me ?

Thanks in advance,

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