Open score in same spot previously closed at?

• Dec 5, 2023 - 17:31

Please let me know if this has been addressed or is available. Is there a way to have a score open in the same spot as it was when it was previously closed, as opposed to opening at the beginning of the score each time? Thanks.


Yes. Go to
Edit > Preferences > Continue Last Session
in Musescore 3 and
Edit > Preferences > General > Program Start > Continue Last Session
in Musescore 4. This is assuming you closed the program while still viewing your score. If you closed your score and continued to use Musescore to do something else, then that session is gone and a new one begins. Perhaps you want the ability to create sessions for each and every score you load. You'll have to talk to the programming boys about that. They know how to include the "h" and other arcane stuff like that.

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Appreciate the response. This did not work for me. It opens up the last score I was working on, but not to the same spot. I'm currently on pg. 85 of this particular score, so just looking for a more convenient means of getting back to the same spot each time. If it's something that can be done, that'd be great. If not, then, again, it's more about convenience and it's something I can for sure live with. Many thanks for the help.

Seems an interesting feature to me, definitively something that is happening with cloud MS-Office for example.
Worth introducing a feature request I think.

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