how to re-order the staves

• Dec 5, 2023 - 12:23

How to re-order the staves in version 4.1.1 I go into instruments in the far right I re-order. It then shows custom. When I press OK it doesn't do anything to the printing of the order.

How do I re-order to show up on the screen to print it in the right order????

Your documentation says what I did. Do you not have this feature anymore in the latest version?


It works ok for me. However, the only place I see an OK button is in the Add Instrument dialogue. You don't need to open that dialogue to reorder instruments. Make sure nothing in the score is selected then in the instruments tab on the left you can select an instrument and move it up/down with the arrow key, or you can drag and drop it with the mouse.

Just to be sure that you are looking at the correct bit of the handbook - here is a link to the section that deals with re-ordering instruments.

The video first shows an instrument being added. The last part of the video shows instruments being reordered after the Add Instrument dialogue has been closed No OK button is provided or needed for the re-ordering action.

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