Window won't restore

• Dec 5, 2023 - 02:20

I am having a problem with my MuseScore window on my Windows 10 computer. When I click on the "Restore" button (the middle one in the upper right corner of the window) to try to resize my screen, the window drops down off from the screen, as if it were minimized, but when I click on the icon in the task bar it will not come back up. I can minimize a window and bring it back up no problem, but the Restore function isn't working. It is the same for songs I have created in MuseScore 3 or MuseScore 4. I uninstalled MuseScore and reinstalled it, but it still acts the same. The other programs on my computer are working fine. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Do you have any idea if the problem is with the program or my computer?


P.S. I also did a virus scan, and nothing showed up. However, now I can't get the MuseScore window to come up at all. When I start the program, it just shows an icon on the task bar, but, like before, it won't open up a window on the computer. Note: I still have MuseScore 3 installed on the computer, and it works okay.

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Clicking on the icon in the toolbar will not make MU4 full screen. Clicking minimize reduces MU4 to what ever size and place you had it the last time you clicked it and resized it. I suspect that if you go into screen resolution settings and increase it, you will see enough of MuseScore to drag it to the center of the screen. Then change resolution back.
And reinstall seldom does any good.

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