Problem resizing a trill's wavy line

• Dec 3, 2023 - 01:04


Windows 10, MuseScore 4.1.1

In the attached score I have added trills in m.32-34, m.45-46 and m.49-50. All three of them are followed by a couple of grace notes which are notated at the end of the measure. I want the wavy lines of the trills to extend up to the first grace note but note over the grace notes. So for the last two trills, I clicked on them and dragged the right handle a bit to the left and everything was fine. Dragging the handle of the first trill, however, causes it to move to the system above. Pretty weird. I just noticed that if I delete the spacer in m.36, I am able to drag it normally. Any explanation?

On a side note and speaking of spacers: I have been wondering about staff and system spacing for some time now. I'm still struggling to fully understand what all the spacing settings under "Enable vertical justification" and "Disable vertical justification" mean. I've been asking myself: how about having a dedicated "Min. vertical distance" setting (Format -> Style -> Page) for the min. distance between two systems that is measured from the bottommost point of the first system to the uppermost point of the second system (i.e. taking into account all the elements that go outside the staves). I mean I almost don't care about the distance between the 5 lines of adjacent staves; rather it is the min. distance between their vertically closest elements that I care the most. The reason is that to my eyes this is what creates a feeling of clutter and desire to add spacers. In the same attached score, I had to add a spacer in m.26 to eliminate the clutter between that system and the one below it. Am I missing a setting or way of avoiding these spacers?



Interestingly enough, I can grab the trill line and move it without issue.
Can't say anything about your other questions.
Do you think the pedaling is needed? I guess so, as you have micromanaged this.

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Thanks for giving it a try! Here are the steps to reproduce:

  1. Click on the trill above measures 32-34. The trill text and the line get selected and three white squares (handles) appear.
  2. Click the right one and drag it to the left (or right).

Expected: The handle moves horizontally with the movement of the mouse and the trill line is resized accordingly.
Actual: The entire trill immediately moves to the system above it.

I am attaching a couple of screenshots.
Does it still work for you? I got rid of the spacer in m.36 and this resolved the trill issue but I thought it would be nice if the developers looked into this as it is pretty weird.

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Well, as I said, I opened your score, selected the trill in question and moved the right handle left and right without issue. I didn't have to remove the spacer.
We'll see if anyone else reports this. If it happened to a large number of users, it would be easier for someone to come up with a fix.
Obviously this shouldn't happen to you. But at this point it's hard to say if it is problem with MU4, or some setting in the program or your computer.

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