ABC Import for Muse 3.5

• Dec 3, 2023 - 00:27

hello- I'm not a player like the better folks here, but have been plugging along creating files for reference for my humble band career. Contra band. We currently use odd cropped scans of folkie books or somebody's secondhand scans taped together to play from at our gigs, which is, as you might imagine, somewhat disheartening when I know that I could just whip it up/clean it up in Musescore and have it to print easily at home. I find that a majority of the Traditional music that we play can be found at abc sites, and was easily imported into MuseScore until the online converter vanished. So, I installed a Python.exe some time ago, but I don't think I ever got it to work, also LAME. I believe I added it (directory location of the .exe ) to the PATH Environment variable as well, but at this point something somewhere is wrong. I put python.exe in my Downloads folder and LAME right next to it, but I don't see anything happen when I paste the .abc file into the box where it used to go when it worked a couple of years ago. I understand that there is a GUI that one must download and use to convert abc to XML,(?) for the first step and then somehow the XML is imported/read into MuseScore 3.5. I am sticking to 3.5 now since I don't see that I should upgrade owing to the suspicion that the loss of function is not balanced by the new features for what I am used to doing. So to use Python I need to have the .py script in the folder where Musescore executables are, with something? or can the .py script just be in the PATH statement variable, and also located in the Musescore installation folder for Muse 3.5?


I've never used MuseScore 3.5 but the ABC import is working fine and 3.62.

There was a period where it broke due to a server issue, but Jeetee fixed that with a new plugin.

I suppose a chance that's all you need is the updated plug-in.

Here's a link to the latest update, some information, and the actual .qml file, which can be challenging to locate.


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