No Access To Free Notation Software

• Dec 2, 2023 - 21:46

Am I doing something wrong? I went to musescore.ORG for the free notation software. Downloaded it but all I see is a musescore website & Muse Hub. Can't find the notation software anywhere. Somebody please help. Thanks in advance.


What did you select to download? From the download page, there is an option to download without the hub. And there is an option to download the Hub first (which you need to be able to got the new Muse sounds) then download MuseScore after opening the hub.

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Yes still free.
If you download and open the HUB You can go through a confusing list of options. I would suggest the second download option which is to download MuseScore directly. That gives you the program and Basic sounds. Then later you can deal with the HUB and Muse Sounds.

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