New upload has horrendous, corrupted-like sound quality

• Nov 30, 2023 - 23:33

I am new to uploading, but I posted this score so I could show it to my director, but the sound quality is bad on the website but the MuseScore 4 application sounds fine with it. If I could have some help, that would be good.
This is the score


The score you provided was taken down for copyright reasons. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do.

Assuming you still have the score, turn down the master volume until the volume peaks around 0 units. The master volume is found in the mixer (Press F10 if the mixer is not visible)

See step 3 from this video on how to adjust the master volume:

Hope this helps.

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Thanks. The story is, I took a version for piano Hotel california by Elena Di Guardo on this website and transposed it down for low brass ( I play euphonium, I have been wanting to play the melody on this piece for a while). MS claims that I copied it from Alfred publishing group, which may be why the audio is corrupted (MuseScore might have corrupted it because they thought it was copyrighted). But you may be correct. I will use your advice. I gave credit to Elena in the description.

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Alfred publishing group simply does not want your score (and I'm sure others' scores) from being posted. If you are publishing the score while giving the appropriate credit (which you are), there is no fault on yours or MuseScore's part.

And as Jojo-Schmitz mentioned earlier, sound corruption and copyright are two completely unrelated problems.

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