Website is utterly broken.

• Nov 30, 2023 - 23:14

Why am I paying $10/mo if the website won't let me download any music?

Why can't I edit my birthdate? It keeps resetting to the current date.

Also, the "settings" page only edits the profile; it does not access any settings.

The help page says billing can be accessed at Settings > Subscription, but when I go to "settings" there is NO "subscription" anywhere on the page.

Also, when I "play" a score, it only shows the first page; after that the page goes blank.

WHY is the website so horribly screwed up?

If I can't access or download music, then I should stop paying you $10/mo.


I only have a free account. When I select the down arrow next to my profile pic in the upper right, there is a settings entry. With subscription info.

Are you trying to download Official scores or a user's score? A MuseScore Pro (the one above the lower tier) or MuseScore Pro+ subscription is necessary to download official scores. Could you share a link to the score you are trying to download?

The Settings page has more tabs on the left side. If not done, try viewing the Settings page on a desktop web browser works.
Hope this helps.

And agreed. The website has been falling apart for the past two years.

Edit after Jojo-Schmitz's comment: has been falling apart, has been fine.

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