Mixer Issue--cannot isolate individual voices on a clef (Version 4)

• Nov 30, 2023 - 13:52

I use the Barbershop Quartet template, with tenor (voice 1) & lead (voice 2) on treble clef with bari (voice 3) & bass (voice 4) on bass clef.

I previous versions, the mixer would recognize the individual voices and let me control them. Now I can only control vol or mute the entire clef, not the individual voices.

Am I missing something????? Can't believe this functionality was lost in what otherwise was a great upgrade.

I use this feature to create learning trax for individual parts.

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I am not a software engineer involved in the development of Musescore :-).

To use the files in MuS 3.x, simply export them from MuS 4.x as MusicXML or open the *.mscz with a zip tool and extract the *.mscx file. Both can be opened with MuS 3.x.

However, the *.mscx extract has some limitations such as the text formatting of the title block or the recognition of measure repeat signs.

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