Make permanent changes to Time Signature properties regarding beaming

• Nov 30, 2023 - 10:01

There are defaults within MuseScore 4 regarding beaming for each time signature. And they can be customised on a case-by-case basis through

In 'cut time'/alla breve, I make my beams last just 1 crotchet rather than the default 2. So I need to reset this in Tim Sig Properties every time I change to alla breve.

I would like to be able to make my customised beaming choices the new default. I don't believe these are captured in the Save/Load Style feature, but that would also be a logical way of doing it.



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... and don't forget that you will now have two visually identical cut time elements in your Time Signatures palette. The default element has a flyover hint of Cut time (2/2), so your new element needs a different flyover hint - perhaps Cut time (4/4) ? You can edit the flyover hint by right-click on the element in the palette, then choose Properties... and edit the Name property.

Don't ask me why the Name property isn't called Hint or Flyover hint...

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