implode/explode ??

• Nov 30, 2023 - 06:23

Here is what I am trying to do:

I am reasonable at transcribing the pitches of notes (say from a recording), but poor at getting the time durations to sound correct. Am dealing with guitar and singing tunes.

If I first write out my melody as 1/8s, say 16 or 20 of them (1 voice) I'd like to then change durations of some/several/etc WITHOUT Musescore changing any adjacent note durations. Then I play it, and go back and adjust until I am satisfied. Then have Musescore "cast" it into standard 4/4 measures (1 voice).

I thought this is sort of what implode/explode did.
Any other ideas?


You are talking about changing timings - ie horizontally. Implode/explode deal with the merging and unmerging of notes/chords vertically into a different number of lines.

You need to learn to count but that takes practice. First, you need to be able to work out the time signature from listening to a piece. It is crucial to have anchor points for the tune fixed in your head to stop you getting lost. If you find that almost every bar has tied notes crossing it, then you're probably lost.

Then, try setting the note durations longer; it's easier to compress notes to the left than to keep adding spaces and moving notes to the right. Once you get better, try placing two instruments and entering the notes on one with the best timings you can achieve and then refine them and enter the values into the other instrument.

Save your work regularly and use unique filenames.

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So after several false starts, I finally got DE (duration-editor) installed, (there seem to be several bad links out there) ((no I don't rem where they were)).

If I am shortening a note (say 1/4>1/8), it does & plays as I expect.
BUT, if I lengthen a note (say 1/4>1/4.) it does NOT push everything to the right.

Am I using it correctly? and
is there anyway to make the + and - markers bigger/bolder?


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1) thx for the link. I just installed beta2. It does not do what I expect, see below.
a- if I lengthen a note (add .) it seems fine, but
b- if I change 1/4 to 1/8, I get a triplet and rest.
2) back button (undo) does not work at all, gives garbage.
3) if U control speed of the demo small video, plse slow it down.
it is too hard to follow the "actions"

I think what I need/want is
- enter a stream of notes with NO measures existing, then
- place measures in accord w durations & time sig and play.
- take measure boundaries away and try some different durations, then
- place measures and play.........

Repeat above until satisfied.

Can I get duration editor to do something close to this?

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yes, beta ver. am on V3.

can't figure out github, it's GUI is horrible IMO. way too many places to click, not clearly labeled.
so how do I eM author?

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A few remarks on your latest posts:
* I would suggest you to download the latest version : the 1.3.0.
* The Undo ("Back") works fine, but you have most of the times to press it several times in order to have a full restoration of the state before.
* Your observation that changing the length of a non-tuplet note makes it becoming part of a tuplet is strange. Feel free to record some video/gif to demonstrate it.

For your record: unless fixing bugfixes, I've no plans to enhance, improve the plugin for now.

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