createchords.js to createchords.qml conversion

• Nov 29, 2023 - 13:12

I could not find the create chord pluggin on I was able to find it on but when I downloaded it and unzipped the file, it was a .js file and not a .qml file (see attached file). I was able to figure out that .js was replaced with .qml files in later versions of MuseScore. I write music for accordion, and I would like, for playback, the Bass line individual "chord" notes to be played as chords. I was going to see if createchords would do this for me. For accordion music notation, a single note and its marking (i.e., m-minor, 7-seventh, etc.) can represent the chord.

I am sticking with MuseScore 3.6 since I typically have many (I have had up to 10) arrangements of a song open at the same time. From these, I construct one band arrangement for a 5 person all accordion band. I like the Tabs option (not opening 10 separate sessions), and the Document Side by Side option in Musescore 3 both of which are not available in Musescore 4 for reasons I do understand.

So, first question is will createchords.qml do what I want. Second question is where do I get it. Keep in mind I do not know Js or qml language.

Thanks, Nick

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