• Nov 29, 2023 - 03:37

If a piece starts with an anacrusis the last bar of the piece should have the corresponding remaining number of notes. I'm have trouble getting this to happen reliably. Is there a trick? The "remove empty measures" tool doesn't seem to work for this, as I've got a 1 beat bar which refuses to be removed. Thanks


The function "Remove empty trailing measures" only works for the trailing measures at the end of the score. And, of course, only for completely empty measures.

To change the last measure at the end of the score so that it completes the anacrusis, right-click on it and select "Measure properties". There you can reduce the value in the "Actual" field. In a 4/4 score with a quarter note anacrusis, set it to 3/4 and you will see a light grey minus sign indicating that the measure is shorter than the time signature.

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