Problem with exported audio

• Nov 27, 2023 - 15:17

Hello. I have a problem with exported audio. After I wrote the song, I downloaded it to my mobile phone as a WAV file, and while listening to it, I noticed that some instruments are not exactly in time when compared to playing directly from the program. In this case, the two instruments were played a few milliseconds before they should have played. I tried to export the given song in different formats, including specific instruments, but I still have the same problem with specific instruments. It works normally for me with other songs, so it's not a problem that would always happen with other songs, but only with some. Can someone please advise me where the problem could be?


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I tried that but it was the same problem. I can work around this (just make a new project in the studio one 6 pro and move the whole track/instrument to the correct timing), but I was wondering if I could fix it so it wouldn't take more time with my production. Thanks for trying to help.

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