Create an Alberti bass from chord symbols

• Nov 25, 2023 - 14:24

Is there a way to create a simple Alberti bass from Chord Symbols?

I have a voice melody with chord symbols. I added a piano stave to my score, copied the melody to the treble cleff and the chord symbols to the bass cleff. Instead of just "realising" the chords in the bass cleff, which results in a rather "plonky" accompaniment, is there a way to create something like an Alberti Bass from the chords to make it sound a little better?


I don't think so. What you might do is create the bass line for the first measure. If the second measure is the same chord as the first measure (base line), select the first measure bass and hit "R". Hit "R" including when the chord changes. Stop and transpose that measure to the new chord. Repeat for each chord.

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