Note Delays during Playback

• Nov 24, 2023 - 15:25

I started noticing this yesterday evening, but when I playback a score, some of the notes/instruments are getting delayed. For example, in a score with 3 trumpets, sometimes the 2nd trumpet plays behind the others, but then returns to normal playing after a couple measure only to get behind again later. With some scores it's not that severe and with others it's very apparent. I'm not sure how to describe this further.


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It seems that cloud storage may be unreliable, lately. I never save to it anyway.

As for your score, try this. Turn off reverb for the trumpets. Pan the first trumpet mostly left. The second in the center. And the third to the right. Now play just the three trumpets. If you still hear one lagging, the problem may be your hardware. Does it sound OK if you make an mp3?

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Got it. Thanks.

I tried what you said and, sadly, it didn't work. When I make it an mp3, the lag is still present. However, when I use the MS Basic sounds rather than Muse Sounds for the trumpets, the lag disappears. Maybe it's a problem with my Muse Sounds hardware? (if that's a thing, I'm not really sure how all of this works) It could also be my hardware in general as you said.

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And not just 8gb of ram, but 16 gb.
Go to edit>Preferences>I?O and change the buffer to 4096.
Other tan that, there are other things to try in Windows. But you are on a Mac, so I don't know how else to help. I can only say that there is no lag on my system.

This is likely to be related to those issues that have been reported on Github ( and It might have happened if you opened MuseHub recently, thereby implicitly updating MuseSampler to version, which seems to be the cause of the issues mentioned above. One workaround to the delay in the exported audio (mp3) is to set the sample rate to 48000 Hz instead of 44100 and 32000 (see MicrotonalMatt's comment in Hope that helps !

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How does one change the sample rate in general. It only shows how to change the sample rate for exporting but not for playing in musescore. And I looked it up but every explanation was either for a different computer or older version. I've even looked through everything and couldn't find the option.

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