Quatre chatnts-like grace notes

• Nov 22, 2023 - 00:27

How would You go about engraving something like this?
I need the grace note stem to be attached to the large notehead, but it should be smaller and crossed. Default grace note options cannot be moved where I need them to be
default grace.jpg
and when using second voice with smaller sized notes, the beam cannot be stretched after moving the stems.

2nd voice.jpg
It would also be nice to have the beams crossed. Do You have any suggestions?


I haven't seen this before but that is possibly due to my limited experience. Best I can suggest is use two Voices, make the notes in the 2nd voice small (cue) size, and add a slash from the Master Palette (View >Master palette >Symbols and scroll down to find "slash for stem down grace note").

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