Pin properties subpanels open

• Nov 21, 2023 - 12:43

When I'm doing a lot of fine-tuning of positions or working with some different notations, I find I keep needing to reopen the Appearance subpanel of the Properties panel, or the Show More part of the note head properties. Is it worth my creating a feature request on GitHub for the ability to pin these open? In the case of the Appearance subpanel, it would need to become a part of the panel, rather than overlaying other controls, and in the case of the Show More area, it would need to remember its state when clicking away from a note head to something else then back to a note head. That probably makes this two different feature request issues, I guess.


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I'm trying to think how this might work.
I'm doing something with notehead A. But now the stem for note B is in the way. I finally get that fixed without touching notehead B. But I had to select note C to do it. I've run into this. How many things would have to stay open? Yes, it would be nice to be able to go back and have A still open. But it might involve many unexpected layers. Think about how to make that work.

I support your request. I don't understand why frequently used features are hidden behind the "more/show more" button, although there is enough space on my screen. It's just one extra click for every note or fingering or what ever. While e.g. the position of a fingering (above/below) is hidden behind "more", but used frequently to set fingerings, the font-properties are always visible while I never in my life changed the font-style for fingerings individually.

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